Prevent: Preventing violent extremism

East Sussex County Council is committed to preventing harm from violent extremism.

Prevent is a part of the UK’s counter-terrorism strategy, CONTEST. Prevent helps to protect society from terrorism by supporting people who are at risk of radicalisation and offering them appropriate interventions. 

Radicalisation means someone is being encouraged to develop extreme views or beliefs in support of terrorist groups and activities. There are many different types of radicalisation and Prevent deals with all of them. 

If someone is at risk of radicalisation, they should be referred to Prevent’s support programme, Channel. 

Channel is confidential and voluntary, and offers support including: 

  • mentoring 
  • mental health support such as counselling 
  • education or career development support 
  • online safety training for parents 

To make a referral to Prevent, complete the referral form or report to Sussex Police.

To find out more about how Prevent and how it protects people from radicalisation, visit: 

Prevent is delivered in East Sussex County Council by the Safer East Sussex Team. 

To contact the Safer East Sussex Team for advice or support on making a referral:

If there is immediate danger, always call 999.

How is Prevent delivered? 

Prevent is delivered by staff in East Sussex County Council alongside local policing teams, community organisations, and other partners that have expertise in their area. 

The programme works in partnership with front-line professionals such as teachers, healthcare practitioners, social workers and psychologists.

How do you make a Prevent referral? 

Anyone who is being radicalised can be referred to Prevent’s Channel programme. Referring someone ensures they get the help they need to keep them and others safe. 

Getting support from Prevent is not a punishment and won’t go on a person’s criminal record. 

Referrals are not made to the Home Office. If you are worried that someone you know is being radicalised, contact the East Sussex County Council team, or visit the ACT Early website.

Complete the referral form or report to Sussex Police

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