Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARAC)


What is a MARAC?
A domestic abuse Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) is a meeting that brings together representatives from a number of agencies in East Sussex to discuss the safety, health and well-being of people experiencing domestic abuse (and their children).
There is local guidance on the MARAC process for practitioners: 

MARAC resources:

The following resources should be used to identify risk, make a referral or complete research:  
There is also a MARAC Victim Leaflet which professionals can use to explain the MARAC process and what will happen when they are making a referral. If it is safe to do so, someone being referred to the MARAC may want a printed copy of this leaflet or they could access it online.
In some cases, a referral may be completed to the MARAC without the victim’s consent. Please refer to the Practitioners Guide for more
In some cases, a referral may be completed to the MARAC without the victim’s consent. If you are making a referral to the MARAC and you do not have the consent of the victim to do so, you will need to follow your agency’s guidance on information sharing in these cases.  

MARAC documentation:

 The following documents include information on the local MARAC process, including guidance on information sharing and the MARAC process itself:  

Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme forms:

There are a number of documents related to the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme, sometimes known as ‘Clare’s Law’. Please refer to the Practitioners Guide for more information.

The Safer East Sussex Team offers training to statutory, voluntary and community sector partners to help ensure that frontline professionals are able to undertake risk identification and refer to the MARAC.
This training is FREE and can be delivered to your service or team by arrangement. To view the training information see 
To discuss your training requirements, please email:


For further information on the MARAC process, or to discuss a referral to the MARAC, contact the MARAC Coordinator:


Telephone: 01323 466013 / 07500 224829

Anyone referred to the MARAC will be offered support by a Domestic Violence Caseworker from The Portal.

The Portal is a partnership of leading Sussex Domestic and Sexual Abuse Charities including RISE, Survivors' Network and CGL

People affected by domestic or sexual abuse or violence in East Sussex can contact The Portal to find out more about the help, advice and support available. Advice and support is also available for professionals, including consultancy support if they are working with a client who has been referred to the MARAC.  

Telephone: Freephone 0300 323 9985 press option 3 for Hastings and Rother, and option 4 for Eastbourne, Lewes and Wealden

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