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There are many ways you can get involved with both your local community and our partnership:

East Sussex Against Scams Partnership (ESASP)

The East Sussex Against Scams Partnership (ESASP) is a county-wide partnership committed to helping protect residents against scams through raising awareness about the different types of scams. It is a partnership of organisations - businesses, charities, clubs, community enterprises, councils, societies, voluntary groups and other partners - committed to taking a stand against scams with the aim of making East Sussex a scam-free county. 

Champion Network - Domestic Violence and Abuse, Sexual Violence and Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG)

To further strengthen community and agency responses across the County, we are introducing a network of champions to bring together practitioners from a range of agencies. The champions will act as a point of contact and 'in-house' specialists within services.

The champion network will be supported by the Safe in East Sussex Team and will initially be piloted in the Domestic Violence and Abuse, Sexual Violence and Violence Against Women & Girls (VAWG)’ work areas. 

Champions will have access to:

  • Local and national resources, information and campaign material
  • A programme of training
  • Peer support through the network attendees and meetings
  • Ongoing support from the Safe in East Sussex Team

 Champions will be asked to:

  • Attend a half-day introductory training to prepare for the champion role and a minimum of two other training or network events per year
  • Be a point of contact for your organisation for information relating to Domestic Violence and Abuse, Sexual Violence and VAWG
  • Act as a conduit for information between your team and the network as necessary
  • Ensure up-to-date and accessible information is available in relation to the relevant crime type in your team or agency (including displaying leaflets and posters)
  • Give and receive peer support from other champions
  • Provide feedback to the network in relation to training and development 
  • Contribute to the review of the network, as well as the County strategy in relation to the relevant crime type, to assist in continuous improvement

 Managers will be asked to:

  • Be committed to enhancing the overall level of knowledge and awareness within their service in relation to the specific crime types
  • Promote the scheme within their service and identify committed individuals to act as a champion for specific crime types
  • Support the champion to be a point of contact and disseminate information in their organisation
  • Ensure the champion has time for training and bi-annual network meetings
  • Work with the champion to implement and develop policies and procedures relevant to the specific crime type within their service 
  • Participate in a review of champions and suggestions in how to improve the network
  • Contribute to any data collection as appropriate, working with the Safe in East Sussex team to measure impact and outcomes. 

If you or your organisation would like to find out more about Domestic Violence and Abuse, Sexual Violence and VAWG Champions, please email

If you are part of the Children’s Workforce please note that your email will be directed to the Children’s Workforce Champion pathway. 

Get involved with your local neighbourhood watch

Find details of here. If there isn’t a scheme in your area, your local police station can tell you how to set up a new group.

The Sussex Neighbourhood Watch Federation, set up in 1995 with the full support of Sussex Police, acts as a forum, co-ordinates resources, provides help to its members and helps to share good practice, as well as seeking to raise the profile of Neighbourhood Watch

Get involved in your local Neighbourhood Panel

Neighbourhood Panels help to create strong partnerships between local people and the organisations responsible for their area. There are meetings that are chaired by local people. The meetings are set by the local community and give local people and communities more influence over decision makers, so they can improve their quality of life. Contact your local 
police station for more information.

We are keen to share information with partners and the wider public and the image below highlights the different ways you can keep in touch with the team.


Our Latest Newsletter

East Sussex Against Scams Partnership Charter

Calling East Sussex organisations who wish to help raise awareness about the impact of scams / fraud. 

To sign up to the East Sussex Against Scams Partnership Charter and / or find out more details, visit the webpage and then email by clicking here.

We particularly encourage the sharing of the Useful scams contact numbers and latest ESASP Scams Bulletin (on the webpage).


East Sussex Safer Communities Partnership Business Plan

To view our business plan please click on the image below: